ACH Payments Directory

ACH Payments Directory: Facilitating the routing and receipt of ACH bill payments for small businesses and consumers
NACHA's ACH Payments Directory enables financial institutions and related vendors to seamlessly route online ACH bill payments to billers and for billers and bill service providers to receive efficient, quality bill payments

What is It?
The ACH Payments Directory is an ACH Network bill payment solution operated by The Clearing House in partnership with NACHA. The ACH Payments Directory provides key routing and account validation information for standardizing ACH bill payments made through online banking and other online bill payment platforms via the ACH Network.

How it Works
The ACH Payments Directory securely stores bill payment instructions. Each biller has a unique profile within the directory that includes all of the data required to create a quality payment to a biller via the ACH Network. Biller financial institutions and biller service providers upload biller profiles into the ACH Payments Directory. Consumer financial institutions and bill payment Originators download the ACH Payments Directory profiles to originate bill payments. Biller financial institutions and service providers collect ACH bill payments on behalf of their billers and billers receive quality payments.

What's In It for You?
As a standardized, cost effective bill payment routing and receipt solution, participants benefit from increased efficiencies and costs savings. Additionally, participants can expand their reach and better serve their customers in the growing online banking channel. And the ACH Payments Directory is the only bill pay directory service backed by the NACHA Operating Rules.

Participate in the Program
Participants may include financial institutions, consumer bill payment vendors and billers. Financial institutions may participate as a bill payment Originator, bill payment Receiver, and/or "banks as biller" (i.e. many financial institutions offer consumer cards and loan products, and are therefore billers too.) Note: Billers participate through their financial institutions and vendors. To gain access to the ACH Payments Directory, participants only need to sign a one-page agreement with The Clearing House.

Get All the Details
For more information, contact NACHA Opt-In Programs.


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